Not That Long To Wait

Most people don’t understand the countdown that lives on my whiteboard at work. Currently it reads 67 days. That’s 67 days till I leave for London. Most people don’t count down like this based on the old saying “A watched pot never boils” which is defined by the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy as “Something we wait for with impatient attention seems to take forever.”

Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t take forever. Counting down is a great way to prepare for a trip. Yeah, it might seem like it’s taking forever to get here when you’re 187 days away from it, but that moment each morning when I subtract 1 from yesterday’s countdown is a great moment.

I didn’t do any trip planning for the past few days. Tonight I plan to spec out my final day in London (Day 3). That day is probably the one with the most chance to change completely. I hope to spend the day hanging out with my friend Ronnie and I’m prepared to audible on any plans that I’ve made in order to assure that I get a chance to tour London with her.